Togetherness always helps. Our wide range of programs offer the perfect fitness options for your everyday routine. From relaxation after a hard day at work, to heart pumping cardio classes, our group programs provide fitness for all levels — to residents of Central Fort Collins to the surrounding areas of Loveland. Our programs are offered at convenient times throughout the day. Join our expert instructors and become one with the group for a fulfilling experience in motivational fitness.

Our group exercise studios are busy from the moment we unlock our doors in the morning until we shut out the lights each night. We offer over twenty-five different classes from cardio to yoga to circuit training providing a variety of options for achieving your fitness goals.

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Spinning Studios

Hold your own with the pack in our cycling studios where all riders finish first. Our cycling classes offer choices in duration, intensity and ability. Dominate the class that best fits your style.

Requirements for using the cycling studio:

Please be aware of any class soon to start and complete your workout 30 minutes prior to any class start time. Class participants, please note:

You can reserve a bike for class by asking at the front desk for a “Cycle Pass.” Please hang the Pass on your bike. Instructors will collect all passes as class starts. Those without a pass will be asked to forfeit their bike to a member with a pass.

  • You can only reserve a bike for yourself
  • One Pass Per Member – no exceptions
  • Passes are distributed no sooner than 30 minutes before class
  • Members attending back-to-back cycling classes are required to obtain an additional pass after completion of their first class

Please be prepared to work. Our members enjoy the dedicated time and preparation our instructors provide, thus please refrain from reading books, lengthy discussion with other participants and/or talking on mobile phones. If you need to take a call for various reasons, please take it outside the studio.

Thanks for your understanding and enjoy the ride!

Forever Fit / Silver Sneakers ®

Our diverse class offering includes options specialized for those young at heart. Whether you have been exercising your whole life or are finally getting a chance to fit an exercise program into your busy schedule we have something you will enjoy.

Please see Schedules for the Group Exercise Schedules and a complete list of Group Exercise Class Descriptions.