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Pilates is a discipline for those seeking core strength, balance, flexibility, and control.  Pilates is for everyone from the elite athlete to the person rehabbing an injury.  Walk out of the studio feeling stronger, longer, and better than when you walked in and get an amazing, full body workout in the process.   Miramont’s classically trained and certified Pilates instructors will help you reform your whole body.

Instead of focusing on one area of your body at a time, Pilates is a movement system that corrects improper daily movement patterns on the foundation of a strong core.  Building your deep core muscles allows your spine to decompress, building a stronger, balanced body.  These proper movements build healthy patterns, improving any fitness activity, from the weight room to the trail, and everyday life.

Pilates is a challenging and rewarding exercise system that gives you a full body workout each time.  It is a discipline that can be practiced every day.  Miramont offers a variety of classes including complimentary mat classes through Group Fitness, private and semi-private instruction, as well as small group equipment classes.  Supplement your Pilates journey with Barre Fitness and add poise to your workout routine.  Enjoy the best Pilates experience in Fort Collins! Check out the Mind Body and Group Fitness schedules for class times or set-up an introductory Pilates session by Contact our Director of Fitness, Ryan Conover at 970.672.4236.

“The Pilates Method of Body Conditioning is gaining the mastery of your mind over the complete control over your body.” –Joseph Pilates

Get started on a whole new body with a private introductory session: $39.95 for members and non-members.


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