In addition to all of the complimentary yoga classes included in Group Fitness, Miramont has a wide variety of Yoga training opportunities that focus on various styles, form and postures. All instructors are certified and prepared to assist you in your mind/body posture — we simply offer the best classes in Fort Collins.

Yoga Introduction

Learn yoga basics in a private session with a certified instructor.
Cost  First Private Session  $39.95

Yoga Single Sessions

Cost (per person)  member and non-member
Private  $65

Yoga 5 Packs

Cost (per person)  Total Price Price Per Session
Private  $300 $60

Yoga 12 Packs

Cost (per person)  member non-member
Private  $660 $55

Buddy Sessions

Session type
Cost/person Cost/session
Buddy 1:2 $45 $45
Buddy 1:3 $42 $42
Buddy 1:4 $40 $40
Buddy 1:2 10 pack $400 $40
Buddy 1:3 10 pack $380 $38
Buddy 1:4 10 pack $360 $36


Interested in learning more? Contact our Director of Fitness, Ryan Conover for any questions and appointments at 970.672.4236.