A Miramont Professional Trainer Can Help:

  • People who are new to fitness and need personalized instruction on how to exercise to meet their goals.
  • People who wish to lose weight or tone up but just can’t seem to make it happen.
  • People who have been exercising for a while but have reached a plateau and need exercise revision
  • People who want to add muscle mass or lean muscle tissue
  • People who need motivation to workout

One-on-One Training

Get the personal attention and motivation needed to maximize your exercise routine. Working with a personal trainer is the fastest and most effective way to reach your fitness goals and these sessions are all about you. Listed below are our trainers at each location:

Give personal training a try with our new client offer, only $29.99 for your first session. Contact one of out head trainers (below) to get started.

Small Group Personal Training

Miramont Lifestyle Fitness offers a variety of small group training opportunities to our members. Small group training offers you a chance to participate in a special, limited duration class with a specific goal or activity in mind. And, with sessions as low as $8.75, small group training is an affordable way to quickly reach your goals.You will participate with four to ten other participants under the coaching of a Miramont Professional Trainer. Small group training offers you a chance to connect with a Personal Trainer at a very affordable price. The small group training classes differ from our other, regularly scheduled classes in that the number of participants is limited, the duration of the class is limited, and the purpose of the training is specific to the class participant’s goals, and not just for general fitness purposes.

Buddy Training

Working out is always more fun with a friend and now it is more affordable too! Take advantage of special rates when you train as a group and get the extra attention and motivation that you need to succeed.

Program Design

Get a professional customized training program designed by a Miramont Fitness Professional. You will meet with the certified professional trainer of your choice to discuss your goals over the phone or in person in a 20 minute conversation. The trainer will then design a 6 week customized workout program using IDEA workout builder and email or text it to you. This program will include videos of how to do each and every exercise. There are three options:Silver Program design: Just the customized program design. For more advanced exercisers. Cost $45.00.Gold Program Design: The customized program design plus a 30-minute one-on one-training session to learn the program. For intermediate exercisers. $75.00. Platinum Program Design: The customized program design plus a 60-minute one-on one-training session to learn the program. For beginner exercisers. $95.00

For more information or to find the Personal Trainer for YOU, please contact: