The struggle with the numbers

by Emily O., 2014 Dare to Lose participantEmily and Husband

Where have the last seven weeks gone?!  When starting the Dare to Lose program, I thought 12 weeks? Really, 12? I’m never going to make it! But now with less than five weeks to go, I can’t believe how quickly this opportunity has flown by!  It amazes me how far I’ve come in such a short time, and it still overwhelms me when I think about how far I still have to go.  On the first day of Dare to Lose I was depressed, extremely out of shape and shocked that I was the heaviest contestant! It didn’t take me long to realize how badly I needed this opportunity, and how hard I would have to work. I did not let that get me down! Instead I figured if I had the most to lose then I had a great shot at ‘winning’ a weight loss competition!   During my first few work outs, I could barely do about ten minutes on the elliptical machine and then would have to take a break, and then I would get back on and do another ten minutes until I finally reached my 30 minute goal. Every muscle in my body hurt but I knew I had to keep going.  Now seven weeks later I can do at least one hour of non-stop cardio on the elliptical! In fact, some days I now consider that my warm-up!

With the support of the Miramont staff and trainers I have completed a lengthy list of things I never thought I could do, especially in such a short time frame.  I have held a plank for a minute, I have bear crawled a large weight plate across the gym floor, I have mountain climbed on the back of a Bosu ball, I have been able to reach my knees while doing a bicycle crunch, I have jogged and I can get up and down from the ground more efficiently! I have tried several classes including Zumba, Nia Dance Fusion, Boxmaster, Miramont Core, Boot Camp, Women’s Fitness, and Aqua Fit just to name a few. I might not be in the front row, or in the best shape, but I am keeping up and more importantly I am doing it!

All my hard work and dedication to both nutrition and exercise has really been paying off. During the first six weeks of the Dare to Lose challenge I have lost 25 pounds!  I have seen great changes in my waist and hips, and have just purchased work out pants in a smaller size!  As excited as I am about the changes I have seen in my weight and in my waist, I am sad and frustrated that I have not seen a change in my Body Fat Percentage. In fact, in six weeks it has not changed a drop, not up, not down, nothing.  I have been working very closely with several members of Miramont’s staff to try and figure out what is going on.  The odds of me losing 25 pounds of only water and muscle and zero fat is very slim, especially with all of the hard work, educational support, and non-scale victories that I am having.  What could be going on? When I was told to drink more water, I drank more water. When I was told to drink less water, I drank less water. When I was told to eat fewer calories, I ate less. When I was told to eat more, I ate more. There still have been no changes. One of the possible conclusions is that due to my weight and amount of fat, the tool used to measure this is not reading accurately and has a high error rate for a person of my size.  As disheartening and tear-filled as this is for me, I keep plugging along.  I have reached out to a local medical office and I am going to be tested using another similar instrument to attempt to get more accurate results.  These results are important to me for two reasons. First, because the Dare to Lose challenge factors in a change in Body Fat Percentage to determine a ‘winner.’ Secondly, because I want to continue this amazing journey long after the challenge is over and knowing where I started will be a great reminder of where I never want to be again.

photo (6)I am often asked, what is the best part of the Dare to Lose challenge? There have been so many amazing parts to this opportunity it is hard to even know where to start!  Miramont and all their staff, the front desk employees who great me with a smile, knowledgeable and encouraging trainers, nutrition and wellness educators, to the cleaning crew members all have been awesome! My amazing and hardworking fellow Dare to Lose participants, who have encouraged me, supported me and will remain friends long after this is over. The folks I have met from 99.9 The Point and Tri 102.5 have been fabulous and fun!   One of the most surreal and unexpected parts of this journey has been the number of people, literally hundreds, who have told me, texted me, wrote me, messaged me etc. etc. that I have inspired them.  Never in a million years did I expect to ever become anyone’s work out inspiration!  The best part, however, might be the fact that this opportunity has not only changed my life, but has saved it!


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  1. James comes home from group workout bragging about YOU! Keep it up!

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  3. Emily, you are so amazing! I have known you since the 5th grade, and you have always been a go getter, but this is the biggest so far! I am so proud of you! I always look forward to your latest updates. Keep it up!

  4. Emily~ YOU are such an inspiration and joy to watch carry through with this huge commitment !! I commend you with all my heart and soul! Don’t EVER give up! Find out from the MD what the fat thing is all about. Save your Life for those precious baby girls and yourself!! YOU ARE SO WORTH IT! I thank God that Miramount and the Radio Stations invested in LIFE for your team!!!
    Keep on KEEPIN ON!

  5. Emily – I am SO happy for you and the accomplishments you are making! You do it Emily – go the distance!

  6. Emily–thanks for posting! I have been working out with personal trainers at Miramont for over a year now. My fat percentage has changed slightly but my weight has not. In fact it has gone up! It is FRUSTRATING! I still look like a fat girl even though I can lift weights, do burpees, hold planks, do pushups, and can make it through a workout without keeling over. With help from my doctor we are learning all about what works and doesn’t work on the micronutrient level in my body as well as my hormone conversion process. And we know that I am actively adding muscle weight, which is so much healthier (and burns calories!).

    When I get frustrated about this, which is often, I try to focus on how much better I feel, that I can actually get down on the ground to play with my grandson then get up and not look so much like a lumbering beast. Still frustrating to not see as much of a difference in the mirror as you would think after a year, but underneath that fat I know have a firm and strong body.

    You keep being an inspiration to us all and remember that it may take us longer to see the outside effects, but inside we are now Strong Girls!