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Fitness 101

This is our best introductory course on how to effectively learn how to exercise using the equipment at Miramont. New members will learn from a fitness professional the key components of exercise – cardio, strength, flexibility, and core training. Each of the 4 half hour sessions includes practical instruction
and guidance on form.
Member $ 129 | Non-Member $ 179

Healthy Aging

This program is designed for those members new to a health club and looking for guidance on how to exercise safety. A fitness professional will provide 4 half hour practical education sessions on balance, strength, lifting and cardiovascular exercises. This program helps members get the most out of  their membership.
Member $ 129 | Non-Member $ 179

Healthy Back

Our back program helps individuals looking for relief from chronic back pain, back and core strengthening, and safe and effective back exercises. The initial consultation is with Rebound Sports and Physical Therapy to determine if the program is appropriate for the individual. This 6 week program includes 5 one hour Pilates Reformer sessions at our Central location.
Member $ 325 | Non-Member $375

Pilates for Movement Disorders

Pilates is founded on principles that address some of the more important mobility problems in many diseases. These principles apply to breathing, concentration, fluidity, centering, precision, and control. Meet weekly for 30 minutes to learn exercises that will make a difference in day to day activities.
Per month | $ 60 | 4 classes each month

Biometric Screening

Meet with our nurse, registered dietitian or degreed nutritionist for cholesterol and glucose testing. This rapid test only requires a finger poke. The professional will provide an explanation of the test and results.
Testing and consultation is $ 30.

Balanced Life Weight Loss Programs

The Whole Person Health approach to weight loss provides the best solution for desired lifestyle changes. Work with our professionals and begin to see the results.

Choose from two programs below

Balanced Life Community Weight Loss

This is our group weight loss program. Begin with two introductory sessions with our Nutrition and Lifestyle Heath professionals. These sessions include   a comprehensive needs assessment. In addition, you will receive screenings for cholesterol and glucose.

      Program Includes

•     Weekly weigh-ins
•     12 classes total; meet 3 times each month
•     Curriculum focus on nutrition and lifestyle health coaching

Balanced Life Individual Weight Loss

Ideal for the person looking for customized support and optimal accountability. Work with three professionals on nutrition, fitness, and behavior modifications. A needs assessment will guide the team to reach  your goals.

      Program Includes

•     Weekly weigh-ins
•     Education materials

Session Options 

4 Session Package | $241 / month
•     1 hour nutrition session
•     1 hour wellness coaching session
•     2 half-hour training sessions each month

8 Session Package | $489 / month
•     2 one hour nutrition sessions
•     3 one hour wellness coaching sessions
•     3 half hour training sessions each month

12 Session Package | $752 / month
•     4 one hour nutrition sessions
•     4 one hour wellness coaching sessions
•     4 half hour training sessions each month

Additional Recommended Resources 
•     Wellness Journal    $20
•     Weight Loss Journal   $18
•     Cholesterol & Glucose Screenings $10

For more information about any wellness program, contact Debby Gavato, Wellness Coordinator, at 970.672.4232.