Miramont offers many different wellness services if you are: new to a health club, looking to lose weight, prevent or manage a health condition, and more.  Each wellness service is facilitated by a wellness professional, Registered Dietitian, degreed Nutritionist, or Pilates instructor.  They will provide you with the tools, support, and motivation you need to make lasting lifestyle changes.

  •       Fitness 101
  •       Healthy Back


Fitness 101

A wellness professional will introduce you to all aspects of Miramont Lifestyle Fitness, including: group fitness, cardio exercises, and weight exercises.  This program is designed to guide you to the benefits of a successful exercise plan with the skills, knowledge, and confidence you need.

      Program Includes:

  • An Aspirations finder to see what motivates you and connect you with your ideal Wellness Professional
  • A Goal and Fitness Assessment with your Wellness Professional
  • Weekly sessions with your Wellness Professional
  • A final Aspirations Program Workout with your Wellness Professional

Healthy Back

A six week program that is completely devoted to improving your back health and reducing back pain.  Work with a physical therapist, Pilates instructor, and personal trainer to meet your needs.

      Program Includes:

  • Back assessment with Rebound Sports and Physical Therapy
  • Weekly sessions with a Pilates instructor or Personal Trainer
  • Exploration of activities that emphasize back health and stress relief

Only available at our Central location.



For more information about any wellness program, contact Debby Gavato, Wellness Coordinator, at 970.672.4232.