1. We provide a safe, energizing, and engagingThemes Picute Link_1
environment for groups to play and strengthen
friendships through common experiences.
2. We provide a specialist in the party activity of your
child’s interest.
3. We engage children in developmentally-appropriate
and inclusive games and activities.
4. We create an atmosphere where its fun to be silly,
laugh, and try something new.
5. We take care of the set up and clean up, so parents
can enjoy their child’s party the hassle free way.

Party Includes:

• 2 Party Hosts to set up, take care of your group,
complete your gift list, and clean-upThemes Picute Link_2
• The private use of a studio or ½ of the basketball court
• 1.5 hours of instructor-lead skills, drills, and games
• 30 minutes to divide between cake and presents
Within 48 hours of booking your party,
you will receive a phone call to confirm your party date
and time,and to process your $60 non-refundable deposit.
Any Questions? please call 970-672-4248