The preschool at Miramont features an extensively-developed and researched curriculum.

Thematic Literature-Based Learning

Thematic instruction is a method of teaching in which emphasis is given on choosing a specific theme for one or more concepts. It is proven to be a powerful instructional method for integrating various concepts in curriculum by daily life examples and experiences.


Reading: Whole Language Approach: a philosophy that emphasizes meaning and strategy instruction.  Frequent read aloud and integration of literacy into other areas of the curriculum including: math, science, and social studies.


Handwriting Without Tears- a multisensory reading readiness program that uses music, building, playing, drawing and singing to gain strong foundation skills.


Numbers, Comparing, Grouping, Counting, Sorting, Shapes, Sequencing, Colors

Current Events

Daily calendar, weather, daily news

Character Traits

Sharing, Responsibility, Thankfulness, Joyfulness, Truthfulness, Patience, Self Control, Gentleness, Forgiveness

Physical Activity

Creative Movement, Tumbling, Court Sports

*Various activities are guided by an Occupational Therapist

Music and Dance

Creative movement, instruments, rhyme

Dramtic Play

Role playing, interacting with housekeeping, grocery, doctor’s office, post office, puppets, camping, space station

Self-Help Skills

Handwashing, putting on shoes, safety procedures, healthy eating, table manners, clean-up, responsibility for classroom, putting on coat, zippers, buttons and snaps, helping others, pouring

Sensorial Play

Playdough, clay, water, sand, rice, beans, soil